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 lausprecher x1 Audio software tools

Are you enthusiastic about the construction and optimization of speakers? We too! Our software tools supports your projects and ideas. The x1 tool family includes:

  • x1A: Audio Analyzer
  • x1D: Speaker Designer
  • x1M: Scope and Voltmeter 
  • x1G: Signal Generator

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 rahnrad Automate your measurement

Do you want to automate your measurements? Our software stute.SCPI controls your instrument (Keithley, Agilent,...) via SCPI commands and readout the measurement. The comfortable XY chart virtualize the results.


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 schloss Powerful Smart Home Controller

Our Smart home system controls your home systems like lights, camera, sensors, heating and safety. The centralized device access opens a variety of possibilities that would not be possible individually (e.g. door sensor triggers the camera). The "configured" intelligence allows our system to run recurring daily routines in your home without an activity from you. This is our Smart Home understanding.

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