Software stute.x1A Audio Analyzer

Software, Manual, stute.x1S schematic...

Software stute.x1A V2.0.0.1 Audio Analyzer

DEMO and unlimited version

Windows 7,8,10

Manual stute.x1A V2 EN
Handbuch stute.x1A V2 DE

Manual German

Connecting stute.x1S adapter with a USB Audio Interface

Schematic & BOM stute.x1S

Schematic & part list (BOM) of the adapter stute.x1S

Note: The PCBA or KIT version of stute.x1S is available in our web shop. 

License key / Lizenzschlüssel V2

How to get a license? / Lizenzl anfordern?

For stute.x1A V2.x, x1D V2.x and DCX.Server

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