Software DCX.Server & DCX.Client

Behringer DCX2496 remote control software. DCX.Client and DCX.Server software, Manual/Handbuch,... 

Note: You get the macOS, iOS or Android version of the DCX.Client software at the app store from Apple or Google.


Software DCX.Server 2 (V2.0.0.0)

Software DCX.Server 2. Download includes the demo & the unlimited version

Demo limitations:

  • Trail/Demo version to check the function with your DCX2496 device and RS232 port or USB-RS232 interface
  • Demo limits: Control of the DCX2496 inputs A,B and C only possible


  • Please update your DCX.Clients to the latest version 
  • Setup needs administrator privileges
  • OS: MS-Windows 7 or higher. Or Linux (e.g. Mint) with Wine. A special software image for the Atomic Pi PC is available (DCX.NC Atomic)
Software DCX.Client (MS-Windows, V1.1.1.6)

Software DCX.Client "MS-Windows" version. Download includes the free unlimited version


  • Software needs MS-Windows 7 or higher
  • Setup needs administrator privileges
  • To control a DCX2496 device, software DCX.Server needed
Manual DCX.Server Client NC (EN)

User manual for DCX.Server, DCX.Client and DCX.NC

Handbuch DCX.Server Client NC (DE)

Handbuch zu DCX.Server, DCX.Client und DCX.NC

License key / Lizenzschlüssel

How to get a license key? / Wie den Lizenzschlüssel anfordern?

Manual DCX.NC Atomic (EN)

Manual for the installation of the DCX.NC Atomic software image at the Atomic Pi PC.

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