Software DCX.Server & DCX.Client

Behringer DCX2496 remote control software. DCX.Client and DCX.Server software, Manual/Handbuch,... 

Note: You get the macOS, iOS or Android version of the DCX.Client software at the app store from Apple or Google.


Software DCX.Server 2 (V2.0.0.0)

Software DCX.Server 2. Download includes the demo & the unlimited version

Demo limitations:

  • Trail/Demo version to check the function with your DCX2496 device and RS232 port or USB-RS232 interface
  • Demo limits: Control of the DCX2496 inputs A,B and C only possible


  • Please update your DCX.Clients to the latest version 
  • Setup needs administrator privileges
  • OS: MS-Windows 7 or higher. Or Linux (e.g. Mint) with Wine. A special software image for the Atomic Pi PC is available (DCX.NC Atomic)
Software DCX.Client (MS-Windows, V1.1.1.6)

Software DCX.Client "MS-Windows" version. Download includes the free unlimited version


  • Software needs MS-Windows 7 or higher
  • Setup needs administrator privileges
  • To control a DCX2496 device, software DCX.Server needed
Manual DCX.Server Client NC (EN)

User manual for DCX.Server, DCX.Client and DCX.NC

Handbuch DCX.Server Client NC (DE)

Handbuch zu DCX.Server, DCX.Client und DCX.NC

How to get a license key? / Wie den Lizenzschlüssel anfordern?

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