DCX.Client & Server: Control your
Behringer DCX2496 device from
your stage monitor position.
DCX2496 remote control app
WiFi remote control app for Behringer DCX2496
Access to the DCX2496
device via the DCX.Server.
DCX2496 access via DCX.Server.
Remote control via the DCX.Client:
iOS, Android, macOS, MS-Windows
Remote control via

What you need:

  • The gratis full version of the DCX.Client software as the user interface to control the DCX2496. DCX.Clients are available for MS-Windows (PC), macOS, Android and iOS.
  • The DCX.Server software (needs a MS-Windows PC & USB-RS232 interface) OR the network controller DCX.NC.   

Video DCX.Client/Server/NC system setup 

Setup “Basic”: Remote control with an extra PC

  • Install the gratis full version of the DCX.Client software at your MS-Windows (PC), macOS, Android or iOS device.
  • Install the DCX.Server software at your Laptop/PC (MS-Windows 7,8,10). Connect the PC with your local network via a LAN cable to a WiFi router, powerline adapter,...  Install a USB-RS232 interface and connect the PC with your DCX2496 device.

Setup “Professional”:  Remote control without an extra PC 

  • Install the gratis full version of the DCX.Client software at your MS-Windows, macOS, Android or iOS device.
  • Connect the DCX.NC network controller (available in the online shop) with your DCX2496 device and with your local network via a LAN cable to a WiFi router, powerline adapter,...

Supported DCX2496 functions

  • Input A/B/C/Sum: Gain, Mute, Delay, EQ 1..9, Dynamic EQ, Sum In channel A & B & C
  • Output 1..6: Gain, Mute, Delay (long & short), EQ 1..9, Dynamic EQ, X-Over incl. X-Link(audio crossover), Phase, Polarity, Limiter
  • Adjust DCX2496 configuration: Input Stereo Link (e.g. combine In channel A+B) and Output Configuration (e.g. 3-way setting LMH LMH) 
  • Set signal source for "Sum" signal and all Outputs 1..6


  • DCX.Client app available for iOS, Android, macOS, MS-Windows
  • Control of up to 16x DCX2496 devices with a single DCX.Client
  • Search for linked DCX2496 units via RS232/RS485
  • Select a DCX2496 via the device Id
  • Undo-Redo function for the last action
  • Mute/Un-mute of all outputs via a single button
  • 2 memory presets for the DCX2496 settings, e.g. for a setup transfer to another DCX2496 device (Video...). 


DCX.Client on a 7" tablet computer

DCX.Client Home tab (Select the DCX2496 device plus presets)

DCX.Client gain/mute/delay control for the inputs A, B, C and Sum

DCX.Client X-Over (Out 1..6)

DCX.Client EQ and Dyn. EQ  (In A,B,C, Sum, Out 1..6)

DCX.Client Limiter/Phase (Out 1..6)

Multi-Platform: DCX.Client for macOS, MS-Windows, iOS and Android

System requirements DCX.Client app

  • MS-Windows: 7,8,10 32&64bit  (free download from our homepage) or
  • macOS: 10.10 or higher (free download from our homepage) or
  • Android: Android 5 or higher (free download from the Google App store) or
  • iOS: iOS 9 or higher (free download from the Apple App store)


System requirements DCX.Server software

  • PC MS-Windows 7,8,10 (32&64bit), min. Intel i3 CPU 1.5GHz, USB 2.0 port
  • PC with cable network connection
  • RS232 or USB-RS232 interface (min. 38400baud, bidirectional, support RTS control signal). USB: Interface with FTDI chip set recommended
  • Download the free trail version from our homepage (header menu "Download")
  • Behringer DCX2496 (not supported Behringer DCX2496LE)

Note: Successful tested with Behringer DCX2496 firmware V1.16 and V1.18. Try a different firmware with the free DCX.Server trail version.