stute.x1D Designer

Create good sounding loudspeaker systems in only 5 steps.

Step 1: Speaker driver selection

The powerful driver database provides many data per driver for a quick and correct design calculation in the following steps. 

Also the comfort filter helps to identify the best match for your design.  



Step 2: Driver enclosure calculation

Per click you calculate the needed driver volume size or the bass reflex port.


The simulation views the expected results before you order and assemble the enclosure. 



Step 3: Audio filter design

Split the audio signal to each driver via an audio filter. The wizard makes it very simple to calculate/simulate the audio filter, impedance correction or level divider. 

Does your distributor provide 5.25uF? The "REALizer" function replaces  mathematical calculated component values with commercially available parts. Simulate and correct the bad effects!

Acoustical pre-check of your passive filter design

Save money and time with the acoustical pre-check of your audio filter design via the Behringer DCX2496 Audio DSP.

Transfer via a click the passive audio filter design into the Audio-DSP and make first test hearings. Adjust the audio filter design until you are fine with the sound. Order finally the passive filter components.

Step 4: Loudspeaker enclosure design

No copy and paste: Automatic takeover of speaker driver size and enclosure volume from the previous calculation steps. The enclosure designer wizard took's the data and creates per click a first loudspeaker enclosure draft with all components. 

Modify afterwards the enclosure dimension and driver position. Finally output a bill of material and the drawing to create the enclosure. 

Sound Tuning via EQ

Sound adjustment via EQ settings

Step 5: Design & cost overview

System requirements

MS Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 & 64 bit), Processor i3 1.5GHz or above, RAM min. 2 GB, Screen resolution min. 1050x760 pixel. Internet connection to activate the license. 


Acoustical frequency response or Thiele Small data import: Audio analyzer software stute.x1A required. Automatic data transfer into the audio processor Behringer DCX2496: The Software DCX.Server and DCX.Client is required. 

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