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Precise and easy audio measurements up to 90kHz for amplifier and loudspeaker driver!


90k@192k sample rate
Wide measurement range: 20Hz..90kHz
Save money
Low cost due to Usage of a comercial USB audio interface & microphone
Precise plus high repeat accuracy 
User friendly Design. No "Windowing" for acoustic measuremnts 
xy Multi-Channel
6-channel screen with text input and math. functions
TS Parameter
Determine driver VAS, QMS, Qms,...
Bluetooth & Co
Suitable for audio network player or bluetooth audio interfaces
FFT & Distortion
Measure k2 and 3 up to 30kHz!

Only 3 steps to the first measurement 

Step 1

Connect the USB audio interface 

Step 2

Install and calibrate stute.x1A 

Step 3

Start with the measurements


Bluetooth & Co

Generally, stute.x1A generates the test signals internally. However, x1A also allows measurement with external signal sources. This is very useful for checking modern audio devices such as Bluetooth adapters or audio network players.

Application samples

stute.x1S interface


Part of the KIT.

Tip: You find the schematic in download aera. 


stute.x1A Kit Pro 2

The kit makes the start very easy. All important components are included: Software stute.x1A, a calibrated measurement microphone with XLR cable (10m), an USB audio interface, the stute.x1S interface and the cable x1S <-> audio interface plus 2x 4mm banana plug to crocodile clip.



stute.x1A Kit Basic

The kit for all who has already an audio interface and microphone. The Kit includes the software stute.x1A, the interface stute.x1S and the cable to connect the x1S with your audio interface.


stute.x1A version comparison

  Software Basic Pro2 
Software x1A  x  x
Interface x1S    x
Cable x1S-audio interface     x
USB audio interface 192k     x
Microphone calibrated      x
10m mic. cable     x
crocodile-cables     x

System requirements

Computer MS-Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), 11. Processor i3 1.5GHz or above, screen resolution min. 1024x768 pixel. An audio amplifier for acoustic measurements (20W or above). For acoustical measurements a measurement microphone


A commercially available USB Audio interface. Driver ASIO or Windows WDM.  Sample rate 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz. Recommendation: Behringer UMC 202HD or ONYX Producer 2x2.