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DCX apps

Easy control of the Behringer DCX2496 via Wi-Fi or directly on the PC.

Remote or direct

Remote: Control the DCX2496 via Wi-Fi from the monitor position in the hall.


Direct: Control the DCX2496 directly from the PC, e.g. in the studio to prepare setups.



DCX.Server is the interface between the DCX.Client / DCX.Mixer software and the Behringer DCX2496. 


DCX.Server receives the commands and passes them on to the DCX2496 via RS232. 


Black White

The free unlimited version DCX.Client provides the user interface to control the Behringer DCX2496, like gain or delay. The app is for you free of charge


DCX.Client is available for iOS, macOS, Android and MS-Windows in the app stores or for MS-Windows from our download page. 


The best choice to control the DCX2496 via DCX.Server. 

DCX.Mixer is an alternative to the DCX.Client. The "Mixer" screen (see above) shows all important details at a glance. Here you can quickly change the gains or switch individual functions from EQ, X-Over... 

In addition, the 6 direct memory banks with individual designation make it very easy to work with pre-configured DCX2496 settings for your events. 

DCX.NC controller

The DCX.NC, a pre-configured Mini PC, is the easiest way to control a Behringer DCX2496 device. You need no extra PC for the DCX.Server software.

Install the FREE DCX.Client app on a mobile phone, Mac or MS-Windows PC. Connect the DCX.NC to your DCX2496 device and to your network (cable or power LAN), thats it. Power up both and control your DCX2496 via a mobile phone or tablet computer.

DCX.NC Atomic

A low price, but fully equivalent alternative to the DCX.NC can be created via a Atomic Pi PC with a Linux operating system.  

For a quick start you can order a pre-configured software image for the Atomic Pi PC, named "DCX.NC Atomic". The bootable image includes an installer, the Linux OS, DCX.Server and USB-RS232 port driver (FTDI). You find an installation manual at our download page.

Multi platform support

Depending on the app, they are available for iOS, Android, macOS or MS-Windows

Test it for free

The DCX.Server is available as a free trail version with limited functions. Quick test: Install DCX.Server and DCX.Client on the same PC and check your equipment.

Control 16x DCX2496
Control up to 16 Cascaded  DCX2496 devices (RS485) 
Device presets
Mute/un-mute all outputs via a single click

Easy system setup

Specification, Manual, Demo


Needs DCX.Server to control a DCX2496

Available for all below named operating systems as FREE unlimited version!
mS-Windiws 10 or 11 (download page)
macOS: Catalina or higher (app store)
iOS: iOS 14 or higher (APP STORE)
Android: Android 7 or higher (APP STORE)


Needs DCX.Server to control a DCX2496


MS-Windows: 10, 11 (App see download page, DEMO available) 


macOS: Catalina or higher ( app store)


Android: Tablet computer with Android 7 or higher (App store)


Needs DCX.Client or DCX.Mixer to control a DCX2496

MS-Windows (Linux*)

PC MS-Windows 10 (32&64 bit), 11 or  *Linux x86 PC (E.G. MINT) with Wine 
PC MIN. INTEL x5 Z8350 CPU 1.9GHZ, e.g. Atomic PI single board computer
RS232 port or USB-RS232 interface. CHIPSET FTDI, CH340 OR PL2303 (all tested with WIN10). FTDI recommended (e.g. interface DIGITUS DA-70156)
Free MS-Windows trial VERSION available (see download page)


macOS: Catalina or higher (app store)
RS232 port or USB-RS232 interface. CHIPSET FTDI recommended (e.g. interface DIGITUS DA-70156)
Free macOS trial VERSION available (see download page)
PC connected via cable or Power LAN to your network & internet 

You can find videos about the software here


Frequently Asked Questions


No, please update your DCX.Server software to version 2. A special offer is available on request.

Your MS-Windows software license can be activated up to 3 times, even on different computers. For activation, the computer must be connected to the Internet. 

Before you activate the license, you can test the software in demo mode. It is possible to return the license at any time during the trial period. After activation, a return is no longer possible. .


No,  the LE version does not have an RS232 interface.


Please ensure that the DCX.Server and Client/Mixer is connected to the same SSID.