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Wi-Fi remote control software for the Behringer DCX2496

Supported functions:

Input A/B/C/Sum: Gain, Mute, Delay, EQ 1..9, Dynamic EQ, Sum In channel A & B & C 
Output 1..6: Gain, Mute, Delay (long & short), EQ 1..9, Dynamic EQ, X-Over incl. X-Link(audio crossover), Phase, Polarity, Limiter
configuration: Input Stereo Link (e.g. combine In channel A+B) and Output Configuration (e.g. 3-way setting LMH LMH)
Set signal source for "Sum" signal and all Outputs 1..6

Easy setup

Step 1

Install the DCX.Client app , free of charge, on a mobile phone, PC or tablet computer 

Step 2

Install the DCX.Server software on a PC/laptop, network via LAN cable. Connect the PC to the DCX2496 via a USB-RS232 interface.  

Step 3

Ready, you are able to control your DCX2496 device via Wi-Fi

DCX.Client app

The DCX.Client app is for you free of charge.  Via the app you control via Wi-Fi the Behringer DCX2496 You get the app for iOS, macOS, Android and MS-Windows in the app stores or for MS-Windows in our download area. 


DCX.Server software

DCX.Server is the interface between the DCX.Client app and Behringer DCX2496 device. The software needs a MS-Windows or Linux-Wine PC to control the DCX2496. 

DCX.NC controller

The DCX.NC, a pre-configured Mini PC, is the easiest way to control a Behringer DCX2496 device. You need no extra PC for the DCX.Server software.

Install the FREE DCX.Client app on a mobile phone, Mac or MS-Windows PC. Connect the DCX.NC to your DCX2496 device and to your network (cable or power LAN), thats it. Power up both and control your DCX2496 via a mobile phone or tablet computer.

DCX.NC Atomic

A low price, but fully equivalent alternative to the DCX.NC can be created via a Atomic Pi PC with a Linux operating system.  

For a quick start you can order a pre-configured software image for the Atomic Pi PC, named "DCX.NC Atomic". The bootable image includes an installer, the Linux OS, DCX.Server and USB-RS232 port driver (FTDI). You find an installation manual at our download page.

Multi platform support

DCX.Client can be executed at your mobile phone, tablet computer or Laptop / PC. 

Test it for free


The DCX.Server is available as a free trail version with limited functions. Download and install the server software on a Laptop/PC. 

Afterwards install the free unlimited DCX.Client app at a mobile phone or PC. Then test the remote control with your DCX2496


Controlled till 16x DCX2496
Control up to 16 Cascaded  DCX2496 devices (RS485) With a single DCX.Client
Device presets
Store the DCX2496 settings by name, e.g. music hall hamburg. Transfer later the device setup to this or other DCX2496 devices.
Mute/un-mute all outputs via a single click.
Undo-Redo function for the last action.

DCX.Client views

DCX.Client 2

Remote control app  
MS-Windows: 10, 11 (App see download page) 
macOS: Catalina and BigSur (see app store)
Android: Android 8.1 to 11 (see APP STORE)
iOS: iOS 14 and 15 (see APP STORE)
Available for all above named operating systems as FREE unlimited full version!

DCX.Server 2

PC Software 
PC MS-Windows 10 (32&64 bit), 11 or Linux x86 PC (E.G. MINT) with Wine 
PC MIN. INTEL x5 Z8350 CPU 1.9GHZ, e.g. Atomic PI single board computer
PC connected via cable or Power LAN to your network & internet 
RS232 port or USB-RS232 interface. CHIPSET FTDI, CH340 OR PL2303 (all tested with WIN10). FTDI recommended (e.g. interface DIGITUS DA-70156)
Free trial VERSION available (see download page)

Frequently Asked Questions


No, please update your DCX.Server software to version 2. A special offer is available in our web shop.

Your software license can be activated up to 3 times, even on different computers. For activation, the computer must be connected to the Internet. 

Before you activate the license, you can test it in trial mode.  A return is possible at any time during the test phase.  After activation, a return is no longer possible under the right of withdrawal.


Yes, to ensure a download source, when you change the computer. 


No,  the LE version does not have an RS232 interface.