Home Cinema

5.1 Surround Sound AUDIO Test DVD

For quick and easy checking and optimization of your home cinema system

  • 244 test signals 
  • Dolby Digital 5.1: Front Right & Left, Rear Right & Left, Center, Subwoofer/LFE
  • Video DVD with 49 chapter
  • TV views signal details and current output loudspeaker channel   
  • Frequency measurement via Handy App (see picture below)
  • Acoustic checks of your system: channel assignment / polarity  
  • Subwoofer test with frequencies from 15 Hz 
  • Identify vibration from the cabinet, speaker or room  



  • Measurement of frequency response using "Pink Noise" and free "RTA Analyzer" app for mobile phone (see pictures)
  • Measuring frequency response using "white noise" and free FFT mobile phone app or PC audio analyzer 
  • Sound improvement by measuring and correcting the frequency response via EQ / tone control of the home cinema receiver
  • Acoustic subwoofer test with signals starting at 15Hz
  • Acoustic test of channel assignment (correctly wired?)
  • Acoustic test speaker polarity (+/- reversed?)
  • Identification of vibrations in the loudspeaker, stand or furniture with sine or sweep signal
  • and more...

For use as listening tests or with manufacturer-independent measurement software/tool such as a free mobile phone "RTA analyser" app or a PC audio analyser software, like stute.x1A.  



  • 86 tracks for test and setup
  • Audio CD for HiFi or Car CD drives, DvD drives 
  • CD Text with track information
  • Loudspeaker test or burn-in process
  • HiFi or Home cinema check
  • DJ or PA sound systems check 
  • Audio test, like frequency response or signal distortion (incl. IMD and DFD)
  • Phase, channel check 
  • Loudspeaker position adjustment
  • Vibration identification: Enclosure, room equipment, bass reflex port
HOME hifi


  • Identify frequency response issues 
  • Check loudspeaker driver polarity 
  • Visualize or measure signal distortion: THD, IMD, DFD 
  • Identify vibrations due to loudspeaker enclosures issues, driver assembling or in room equipment
  • Channel cross talk test
  • Amplifier rise time check 
  • Test EQ or tone control functions
  • Check L/R channel assignment
  • Audio crossover check via AC voltmeter 
  • Signal types: Sine, Sweep, Noise, Phase, Double-Sine, Rectangle 
  • Also ideal for the usage in combination with an Audio Analyzer 
  • and many more

Applicable with HiFi or CAR CD Player, DVD Player and PC CD drives. For use as listening tests or with manufacturer-independent audio measurement tool or software. 

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