DCX Client & Server software 

Wi-Fi remote control app for the Audio DSP DCX2496. 

Supported DCX2496 functions:

Input A/B/C/Sum: Gain, Mute, Delay, EQ 1..9, Dynamic EQ, Sum In channel A & B & C 
Output 1..6: Gain, Mute, Delay (long & short), EQ 1..9, Dynamic EQ, X-Over incl. X-Link(audio crossover), Phase, Polarity, Limiter
configuration: Input Stereo Link (e.g. combine In channel A+B) and Output Configuration (e.g. 3-way setting LMH LMH)
Set signal source for "Sum" signal and all Outputs 1..6

How does it work?

Step 1

Install the free unlimited DCX.Client app from the app store (iOS, macOS, Android) or download the MS-Windows version from our download page.

Step 2

Order and install the DCX.Server software at a standard mini PC (MS-Windows  or Linux PC with Wine). Connect the PC to your LAN and to the DCX2496 via an USB-RS232 interface. 

Step 3

Ready, you are able to control your DCX2496 device via Wi-Fi from your mobile phone, tablet computer or PC/Mac.

DCX.Client software

The free unlimited DCX.Client is the interface to control your Behringer DCX2496 Audio DSP remotely via Wi-Fi. The software adjusts easily the input level or EQ and X-Over settings, Limiter and many more. You get it for iOS, macOS, Android, and MS-Windows. The DCX.Server software receives the requests from the client.

DCX.Server software

DCX.Server is the data handler between the DCX.Client and Behringer DCX2496 device. The software needs a MS-Windows or Linux-Wine PC to control the DCX2496. 

The Computer (e.g. a Mini PC for 100 EUR) must be connected to your network via a cable wired connection or power LAN adapter. The DCX2496 device itself is connected to the computer via a RS232 port, e.g. an USB-RS232 interface. That's it!

DCX.NC controller

The DCX.NC, a pre-configured Mini PC, is the easiest way to control a Behringer DCX2496 device. You need no extra PC for the DCX.Server software.

Install the FREE DCX.Client app on a mobile phone, Mac or MS-Windows PC. Connect the DCX.NC to your DCX2496 device and to your network (cable or power LAN), thats it. Power up both and control your DCX2496 via a mobile phone or tablet computer.

DCX.NC Atomic

A low price, but fully equivalent alternative to the DCX.NC can be created via a Atomic Pi PC with a Linux operating system.  

For a quick start you can order a pre-configured software image for the Atomic Pi PC, named "DCX.NC Atomic". The bootable image includes an installer, the Linux OS, DCX.Server and USB-RS232 port driver (FTDI). You find an installation manual at our download page.

More features

DCX.Client & DCX.Server, a powerful team to control your DCX2496 device via Wi-Fi via a mobile phone, tablet computer or PC. You get the DCX.Client app as a gratis full version for iOS, macOS and Android from the app stores. Also you get as a free version of the DCX.Client MS-Windows version from our download page. 

Free DCX.Server DEMO

The DCX.Server is available as free trail version with limited functions for your first test. Download and install the server and client software. Then test the remote control of the DCX2496 inputs, e.g. "Input A level". Order a license to remove the limits. The DCX.Client is for free.

Up to 16x DCX2496
Control up to 16x DCX2496 devices with a single DCX.Client
2 memory presets
2 memory presets to store the device adjustment or for a setup transfer between two DCX2496 devices.
Mute/un-mute all outputs via a single click.
Undo-Redo function for the last action.

System requirements


Remote control app  
MS-Windows: 7,8,10 (32 & 64 bit)  
macOS: 10.10 or higher
Android: Android 5 or higher
iOS: iOS 9 or higher
Available for all above named operating systems as FREE unlimited full version!


PC MS-Windows 7,8,10 (32&64 bit) or Linux x86 PC (E.G. MINT) with Wine 
PC MIN. INTEL x5 Z8350 CPU 1.9GHZ, e.g. Atomic PI single board computer
PC connected via cable or Power LAN to your network & internet 
RS232 port or USB-RS232 interface. FTDI chipset recommended 
Free trial VERSION available 


Mini PC with DCX.Server
size approx. 12 x 12 x 2.5cm  
main power 100V...240V 
Ethernet port 100/1000 MBIT
delivery: DCX.NC, power supply, USB-RS232 interface, DCX.Server incl. license 

DCX.NC Atomic

Software image
16GB image file to use for a Atomic Pi single board computer
Image incl. pre-configured Linux oS, DCX.Server, USB-RS232 interface driver (FTDI) and a DCX.Server license
Download the image, copy it to a SD memory card 32GB and install it to the Atomic PC. Ready!