CD Audio Test Signals Vol. 1
  • CD Audio Test Signals Vol. 1
  • CD Audio Test Signals Vol. 1
  • CD Audio Test Signals Vol. 1

CD Audio Test Signals Vol. 1


Audio Compact Disc with 87 tracks for test and setup

2-3 business days

Test and optimize easily your audio systems with the CD. Many tests can be carried out easily without measuring equipment: Sound impression with pink noise, L/R channel test, speaker polarity, vibrations in the speaker cabinet or speaker stand.
Use cases:
  • 87 tracks
  • Identify frequency response issues 
  • Check loudspeaker driver polarity 
  • Visualize or measure signal distortion: THD, IMD, DFD 
  • Identify vibrations due to loudspeaker enclosures issues, driver assembling or in room equipment
  • Channel cross talk test
  • Amplifier rise time check 
  • Test EQ or tone control functions
  • Check L/R channel assignment
  • Audio crossover check via AC voltmeter 
  • Signal types: Sine, Sweep, Noise, Phase, Double-Sine, Rectangle 
  • Also ideal for the usage in combination with an Audio Analyzer 
  • and many more
Audio Compact Disc with CD Text. Applicable with HiFi or CAR CD Player, DvD Player and PC CD drives.

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