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5.1 Surround Sound AUDIO Test DVD


For quick and easy checking and optimization of the home cinema system

2-3 business days

With the video DVD, you can optimize the surround sound in no time. It also helps you when buying, for example a subwoofer. Test signals from 15 Hz show which subwoofer produces the best low bass. Helpful: The included chapter list shows the signal overview grouped by colour and states the intended use.  


At a glance:  

  • Signal output per channel (Dolby Digital 5.1) for best possible results
  • Supported channels: Front Left, Front Right, Centre, Rear Right, Rear Left, Subwoofer/LFE 
  • 49 DVD chapters for quick selection of test titles 
  • In total 244 test signals 
  • TV shows current signal and output channel, such as subwoofer or front right 


  • Measurement of frequency response using "Pink Noise" and free "RTA Analyzer" app for mobile phone (see below)
  • Measuring frequency response using "white noise" and free FFT mobile phone app or PC audio analyzer 
  • Sound improvement by measuring and correcting the frequency response via EQ / tone control of the home cinema receiver
  • Acoustic subwoofer test with signals starting at 15Hz
  • Acoustic test of channel assignment (correctly wired?)
  • Acoustic test speaker polarity (+/- reversed?)
  • Identification of vibrations in the loudspeaker, stand or furniture with sine or sweep signal
  • and more...

Signal types: sine, sweep, noise, phase. Also ideal for use with a PC audio analyzer. 


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