DCX.Server - Wi-Fi remote control for DCX2496

1 business day

Control on an easy way your Behringer DCX2496 device.

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2-3 business days

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Control via Wi-Fi your Behringer DCX2496 with your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You need this software DCX.Server and the app DCX.Client (iOS, Android, macOS), which you can get for free in the App Stores.

System requirements DCX.Server:

  1. Computer operating system MS-Windows 10 (32bit or 64bit), Linux (32bit or 64bit) with WINE*
  2. Computer with: CPU x5 Z8350, 1.9GHz or equivalent, min. 2GB RAM, free USB 2.0 port, LAN connection wired
  3. a RS232 port or USB-RS232 interface (min. 38.400baud, with RTS signal control), like Digitus DA-70156

*) LINUX: Configure the RS232 port to COM 1 under WINE 

Note: No software subscription

Delivery (choose in the order process)

  • Software as download (EMail with link) or
  • Shipping software CD plus download link (only EU)