Update stute.x1D V2.0 Designer


Loudspeaker Box Designer: From the design to the finished loudspeaker cabinet: database, calculation, simulation, design, calculation, ...

1-2 business days

Important: All stute.x1D Vers 1 customers are entitled to update. As proof the invoice number MUST be given with the order!

  • Powerful loudspeaker driver database with comfort search about Thiele Small Parameter, speaker dimension, manufacturer,....
  • Fast Audio crossover calculation: Wizard, schematic editor, simulation, BOM output, REALizer to replace automated "calculated" parts with comercial parts plus cost calculation, frequency response import
  • Enclosure volume calculator incl. simulation for the types: Sealed, Vented, Radiator, Transmission Line
  • Enclosure creator: 2D and 3D view, wizard, dimension view, BOM output 
  • Material database: audio crossover components and enclosure material
  • Room EQ: Frequency response correction via an EQ setup. Auto-calculation and frequency response import
  • Acoustical audio filter pre-check with Behringer DCX2496
  • Project summary: All speaker driver incl. audio crossover, volume size plus loudspeaker enclosure, cost calculation
  • Needs Win 7 and above


  • Setup file (Download link)
  • PDF file: Manual English & Handbuch Deutsch