Loudspeaker construction for everyone.

Everything you need for construction is included: Chassis, volume calculation, enclosure design.
Construction has never been so easy: edit all the red markings in "Project" module and the loudspeaker box is finished.

Only 5 steps to your own loudspeaker box:

Step 1)

Number of driver

Step 2)

Choose driver

Step 3)

Designing a crossover

Step 4)

Calculate volume

Step 5)

Design enclosure

Done! Output parts lists, purchase and assemble.


Support: The best type of enclosure (closed, bass reflex,...) is suggested to you.

No more typing the tech. data, as it is automatically transferred to the program modules.

Choose from more than
3000 drivers
for your project

Powerful database with numerous filter functions supports driver selection.

Best results: The simulation of the complex impedance ensures the correct filter calculation!

Real conditions: x1Designer replaces the calculated components with real ones and shows the effect.

Share via cloud

Use the cloud to ensure that you have the same database on all your PCs or in your team. The cloud service is free!

Interaction with the x1Analyzer

Import of T-S data (Vas, Qts,..) from the loudspeaker measurement.

Include measured frequency response import in the simulation.

PRO Features
EQ module: Optimize the sound of your speaker based on a frequency response measurement.
X-Over module: Acoustically verify the crossover via DSP before assembly, this saves time and money. Make changes and then buy the right components.
x1Designer filter Audio DSP
x1Designer loudspeaker box designer

EXPERT functions:

  1. Volume calculation
  2. Crossover design
  3. 2D enclosure
  4. Databases (Driver & article)
  5. Cloud databases
  6. Project
  7. Simulation
  8. Parts list export

PRO: in addition to the EXPERT

  1. X-Over: Acoustic pre-test crossover via DSP
  2. EQ: Optimize sound
  3. Cloud: Share design *)

*) Project, enclosure, filter

Screen "Project"
Screen "Project"
Screen "Project"
Screen "Enclosure"
Screen "Enclosure"
Screen "Enclosure"
Screen "X-Over"
Screen "X-Over"
Screen XY
Screen "EQ"
Screen "Database Driver"
Screen "Database article"
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